Terrace enclosures are among the most common projects in residential properties.

This structures for isolate one of of the largest exit points inside the house, which has to be 100% insulated from external factors such as rain, wind, sun, damp, noise, dust, etc.

Over the years, we have gradually become more specialized in order to improve terrace enclosures and we offer a range of attractive options for your workplace and home.

We provide ways to take full advantage of your space while, at the same time, your terrace enclosure gives you the maximum thermal and sound insulation, as well as ensuring that you achieve the greatest possible saving in the new space in terms of both energy and money.

In order to guarantee greater energy efficiency, we use sandwich panels filled with polyurethane or rock wool between sheets of special steel, which enhance insulation under any circumstances.

The key benefits of sandwich panels include the extraordinary thermal insulation the provide. They are hard-wearing components which, at the same time, are lightweight and easy to handle. Their airtight seal is optimal, as there are no gaps through which the heat or cold can escape.

Maintenance of the panels is cheap and easy and, moreover, they offer other advantages, such as being highly resistant to aggressive weather conditions and possible splashing and spillages. In addition, our specialists in Tarragona produce terrace enclosure systems made from tempered glass, aluminium, PVC, polycarbonate, etc.