Aluminis i acristallats Sesé S.L.

ALUMINIS I ACRISTALLATS SESÉ S.L. is a company founded in 1972, in the very early days of aluminium joinery.

Over the course of our long history, as a pioneer in the region, we have steadily grown and innovated within the field of the aluminium and glazing sector.

We build projects ranging from a simple window right through to curtain wall facades, terrace enclosures, interior glazing, awnings, etc. all with the quality assured by our team of professionals who, thanks to their training, have gone from strength to strength embracing the latest innovations in the world of aluminium, glass and thermal and sound insulation in order to offer you greater comfort and energy efficiency.

Today, as a leading company in the sector, we are equipped with robotic machinery that guarantees the very best finishes.

Aluminios sesé